4 Ways to Become a Responsible Fashion Consumer

July 25, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations
Vivienne Westwood - queen of sustainable fashion!

4 Ways to Become a Responsible Fashion Consumer

July 25, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations

Retail therapy has become the ultimate kick one needs to feel happy or uplifted. Having a bad day? Go shopping. Lost some weight? Reward yourself with a new dress. This pattern, however, is highly endangering not only for your mental health and bank account but also for the environment.

To meet our rapidly growing fashion needs, fashion brands are outsourcing to lesser developed countries to churn out more and more commodities. People – cooped up in small factories like roaster take it upon themselves to make clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories for us that we snag away as a part of our “retail therapy”. Moreover, disposable fashion is wrecking environment in a way by causing pollution that’s uncontrollable unless we step out and try bringing some change at the grass root level.

Here are four ways to become a responsible fashion consumer and play your part in saving our planet:

Maintain a Capsule Wardrobe

Be smart and fashion savvy and reduce your closet size, some suggest to 37 pieces only (Although I must say I would struggle!). This will not only keep your unlimited shopping trips in check but would also help you figure out what to wear in a quick effective manner. Minimalist life style is the new cool thing.

 Find Better Alternatives to Treat Yourself

Retail therapy is NOT a thing. Replace your shopping tours to something more substantial and meaningful. Visit a friend, go for a run or stay in and watch a movie with your partner.

Transitional Clothing is the Way to Go

Instead of maintaining seasonal wardrobe, extend the life of your luxury clothing by transitioning them through seasons. This includes layering up and down and would enable you to really use all your clothes.

Mend, Don’t Throw Away

A minor seam rip or shedding weight is not enough to go buy new clothes. We at Alexia Alterations can make you look fabulous with the garments you already have!

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