5 rules for finding the perfect pair of men’s shorts

July 12, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations
Men wearing shorts

5 rules for finding the perfect pair of men’s shorts

July 12, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations

Summer is most certainly here, and let’s face it: it is far too hot to be wearing trousers or jeans these days. But finding the perfect pair of men’s shorts can be a real challenge, with many options on offer either too short, too slouchy or just too unattractive.

Men – don’t suffer in silence; there’s no fashion challenge too big to overcome. Below are five golden rules for finding the perfect pair of shorts that fit you just right and make you feel great.


  1. Get the fit right

The ideal pair of men’s shorts is kind of like Goldilocks: it hits that sweet spot between too small and too big. If your shorts are too tight, you run the risk of restricting your movement and revealing more than you bargained for. Too baggy, and you just might end up looking like a messy teenager who’s just rolled out of bed.

The perfect pair sits comfortably on your hips and tapers slightly along the line of your body. You may need to have them tailored to fit just right. Don’t hesitate to bring a few pairs in to our team at Alexia Alterations; we’re happy to work our magic.

2. Get the length right

Length is a matter of personal preference – within reason, of course (below the knee is never a good look!). Generally speaking though, the most flattering fit is when the hem of your shorts sits a couple of inches above the knee and below the mid-thigh. If you’re of average height, an inseam of seven inches should be just right. If you’re on the tall side, you might want to go for nine inches.

3. Stick to your own personal style

Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes that make you uncomfortable. You can stay faithful to your style no matter the weather – and that includes sweltering heat. If you prefer to dress more conservatively, stick to classic cotton shorts in solid neutral colours. For those who like a bolder look, why not try out a cool print? Just stay true to you!

4. Dress for your build

Conscious of having thicker thighs? Choose a pair of shorts in navy blue, black, or another dark colour that has a slimming effect. On the flipside, shorts in eye-catching prints can take the focus off skinny legs. And always make sure your waistband leaves room to breathe. Remember, an experienced tailor can adjust the fit as needed if there’s something that’s not quite right.

5. Keep the rest of your outfit low-key

One of the most important elements of looking good in shorts is creating a balanced outfit. When it comes to footwear, this means wearing low-top shoes like loafers or trainers in a neutral colour. Socks should be ankle-length, or ditch them altogether.

In terms of your upper half, go for something simple, fitted and low-key. A slim-fit chambray shirt or neat tee are both safe bets. Keep in mind that shorts are inherently casual, so a dress shirt or blazer will create an unbalanced, awkward look.

Summertime is glorious; you shouldn’t let a fear of shorts keep you from embracing it fully! So put on some sunglasses, throw on a pair of shorts and wear them with pride. You never know when the sun might hide its shining face again.


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