How to Pull Off Meghan Markle’s Bateau Neckline?

July 17, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations
Meghan Markle wearing a navy dress with bateau neckline

How to Pull Off Meghan Markle’s Bateau Neckline?

July 17, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations

The Duchess of Sussex is bringing bateau neckline back in style and we, at Alexia Alterations, are all eyes for it. A bateau neckline, widely known as a boat neck or traditionally called a Sabrina neckline is what Meghan chose to don for her wedding and flaunted the same style later on a couple of occasions as well. The white Givenchy gown since then has been a cult favorite for brides who have a knack for timeless classic vintage tailoring styles.


A quick fun fact, Duchess Meghan is not the only advocate of the bateau neckline. It has been a favorite style for Princess Diana as well. Remember the iconic long velvet dress that Princess Diana chose to wear in 1985 for her visit to White House? It also featured a bateau neckline.

Princess Diana & John Travolta, 1985

The perfect neckline for pear shaped ladies

The selection of necklines contributes a lot more than you would think in the overall appearance of your attire. A bateau neckline is the perfect choice for pear shaped bodies just like Meghan Markle. A pair shaped body would usually have narrow shoulders, smaller bust size and then a wide bottom. A bateau neckline simply takes the focus away from your wider bottom to your shoulders. Stay away from boat neckline if you’re athletic built or what is referred as an ‘inverted triangle’ body shape since you would end up looking wider in a bateau neckline than you are.

Bateau or Bardot?

A Bateau neckline works like a charm for women who have longer thinner necks; it just adds more beauty and definition to the natural frame. But what if you have a wider and shorter neck and you’re a pear shaped who would like to draw focus towards your shoulders. In situations like these, a Bardot neck is what we suggest. A Bardot neck is closer to a bateau neck but a little deeper and usually creates an illusion of a wrapped shawl around your dress.

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