When in Doubt, Wear Vintage!

July 20, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations
British model Twiggy poses for the camera in pink dress and iconic disco ball earrings

When in Doubt, Wear Vintage!

July 20, 2018 Published by Alexia Alterations

Vintage clothing is the ultimate sartorial salvation for ladies who prefer being on top of the fashion trends every season but without scooping up what everyone is already wearing. Every time the season changes, there is a rigorous stir-up in fashion trends and once a trend has made it to Vogue you can see everyone and their mommas donning the same cut, silhouette, motif and style. But not you – never you! Why should you run to buy trendy clothing and look like everyone else when you could totally ditch the run-of-the-mill fashion choices and simply stand out in the crowd with your vintage clothing choices!

Besides, vintage is always in fashion. And by vintage, we certainly don’t mean to nod at dark narrow crowded shops that would sell you second hand clothing – not that there is something wrong with thrift shops – but if you are taking the vintage shopping route, you better do it right. You can easily spot some gems amid London that deals in vintage clothing in all their glory. And if the dress isn’t made to fit you, it’s not something a little alteration cannot fit, as long as the alteration is done by professionals who are skilled in couture and know what they are doing.

Still not sure if vintage fashion clothing is for you? These reasons to always opt for vintage clothing might change your mind:


There is simply no match when it comes to the quality of fabric and stitching of vintage clothing as compared to the contemporary fashion ensembles. If you only wear Channel or Dior, you can expect your dresses to sustain else there’s no way any of your actual possession could ever survive enough to be called vintageone day. Therefore, whenever wherever you spot a vintage collectible clothing item, grab it while you still can. It could be something that would survive you for lasting times.


Vintage clothing has an aura of its own. You don’t have to be mindful of what other people are wearing; you wouldn’t need to worry about ‘fitting in’ – you’ll simply stand a class apart. Even A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift are often spotted sporting vintage dresses from 1950s – if it’s good enough for Taylor, it for sure is good enough for you.

Art and Culture

Vintage clothing is more than just a dress! It comes with a soul of its own, with stories and tales of its own. Owning a vintage dress is your way of saving the art and culture of that era and keeping it alive in your life. It goes beyond the superficial reasons of wearing a dress just because! Who doesn’t want a little culture and history in their lives!

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