The Tall Girl’s Liberating Fashion Guide

January 19, 2019 Published by Alexia Alterations
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The Tall Girl’s Liberating Fashion Guide

January 19, 2019 Published by Alexia Alterations

Have you always been the tallest beauty in your girl gang? At our luxury clothing atelier situated in Knightsbridge London, “go big, or go home” is our mantra! And quite literally so.

In addition to booking a fitting, here are few very necessary styling tips for tall women that would really make your life easier.

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Use Colors or Layers to Maintain Sections

Instead of pulling off one solid colored outfit, build your ensemble up in layers and colors so the eye isn’t looking directly at you up and down. This would make you appear a little more proportional and a tad bit smaller than you really are. Pair a bright top with white pants, have fun with ruffles and sleeves, basically anything that introduces more definition is welcomed.

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The French Cuff Jeans

If you’re taller, you are already in a pickle about finding the perfect length of jeans or trousers, right? Use this to your advantage and sneak in a chic urban street style trend. Go for skinnies or slim-fit style of jeans and roll the bottom just above your ankle. Shorter length trousers or Capri pants when worn with longer tops also create an illusion of short height. We can get your trousers permanently cuffed if you like!

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Over the Knee Boots

You may think you’re stuck with the no-heels fashion rule but that’s not true. Flaunt it, if you have got it. You can get away with wearing long heels given that you pair those with maxi dresses or longer evening gowns. If you’re a fan of mini-skirts or dresses, wear them with boots that cover most of your legs to create a balanced overall look.

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Book a fitting with us!

With being tall comes all sorts of fashion dilemmas (and blessings!). Your jacket might be too short or the waist line might be too high. But, this is nothing a little alteration or customized tailoring cannot fit.

Our number one tip: Pick the size that’s perfect for your height and take everything else in… that’s where we come in! It is much nicer (and cheaper) to take in your clothes where necessary than to lengthen them.

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