Nine ways to jazz up your winter coat

November 7, 2017 Published by Alexia Alterations
Dolce & Gabbana Women's Wonderland Collection coat clothes alterations and personalisation

Nine ways to jazz up your winter coat

November 7, 2017 Published by Alexia Alterations

Let’s be honest: getting dressed in the winter time is a total drag. We end up draping outerwear over our most stylish outfits just so we can dare to bare the outdoor chill. As a result, it’s easy to get bored of wearing the same old coat or jacket every day. Rather than succumb to the winter blues, we suggest adding a little bit of personalisation to your cold weather wardrobe. Behold: ten ways to jazz up your winter coat.

1. Sparkling brooches.

This is by far the simplest way to add a unique flair to your outerwear. Express your personality with quirky shapes in burnished metallics or bright colours. We love trawling through antique shops and car boot sales for the most fabulous finds.

Natalia Sirotina photographed by Hudson Taylor coat brooches

2. Cropped hems.

Easily transform a coat by altering and adjusting hems. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, this could be a fun DIY project. If not, let our expert seamstresses at Alexia Alterations do the job for you. A frayed effect at the hem adds a tough-luxe edge.

Sara Sampaio cropped jacket coat leather clothes alterations and personalisation

3. Embroidery.

Whether it’s your initials, your favourite quote or a cool pattern, embroidered details can breathe new life into your winter coat. Use chalk first to sketch out the design before you put needle to thread. Alternatively, bring your coat in to our atelier and our seamstresses will work their magic!

Fall 2014 Couture - Chanel clothes alterations and personalisation

4. Funky patches.

Like brooches, patches are a fun way to express your personal style (not to mention totally en vogue thanks to the Nineties resurgence!) There are tonnes of different iron-on patches out there, from whimsical rainbows and unicorns to irreverent slogans.

moscow fashion week coat patches purple modern clothes alterations and personalisation

5. Unique buttons.

If your jacket came with a set of unremarkable buttons, why not replace them with jazzier ones in a funky shape and colour, or go for jewelled buttons to add a bit of sparkle to the look.Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Accessories Photos - Vogue

6. Bright lining.

Replacing the lining of your jacket with a bright colour or a distinctive pattern will add drama to your ensemble. Slippery and strong fabrics like silk make the best linings and will hold up well over time. We have a whole selection of linings in-shop at Alexia Alterations, or you can design your own and we’ll sew it in for you.

coat lining history of jewellery clothes alterations and personalisation

7. Faux fur collar.

Give your coat a glamorous update by adding a patch of faux fur to the collar. A bright jewel tone makes a bold statement, while a neutral shade or animal print is classic. Save some faux fur for your sleeve cuffs to create a coordinated look.

Olivia Palermo faux fur collar coat clothes alterations and personalisation

8. Statement belt.

Cinch a belt around your coat to add style and definition to your waist. Choose a wide statement belt, a chic skinny one or a silky ribbon in a cheerful pattern.

Who What Wear Blog Miranda Kerr Vogue Australia July 2014 Photographer Benny Horne Stylist Christine Centenera Fashion Editorial Salmon Pink Coat Wide Painted Leather Belt Fashion and editorial Hair and Makeup clothes alterations and personalisation

9. Embellishments.

Enliven a plain black or navy jacket with glittering sequins or colourful pom poms on the cuffs, collar or hemline. We have plenty of eye-catching embellishments to choose from at our atelier, and we’re happy to help with designs.

embellished coat clothes alterations and personalisation crystals

For inspiration, why not bring your coat or jacket in to us at Alexia Alterations, and we can brainstorm ideas on how to personalise it to suit your style. Just because the temperature drops during winter, that doesn’t mean fashion has to freeze over. With a little bit of customisation, your outerwear will be able to brighten up even the bleakest winter’s day.

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